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New Zealand Dolphins

Nine different species of dolphin are found around New Zealand’s coastline. All dolphins in New Zealand are protected by the Marine Mammals Act, which is administered by the Department of Conservation. Species that you may see include bottlenose, dusky and Hector’s dolphins. Bottlenose Dolphin This is one of the larger species, reaching up to 4

The Tuatara

Tuatara New Zealand

The tuatara is often described as New Zealand’s “living fossil”. It comes from a family of reptiles that was present 220 million years ago when the dinosaurs were evolving. It is a lizard like creature with spiny scales and can grow up to 60 cm in length. It is estimated that there are around 100,000

Kea parrot

Love them or hate them the Kea is one of the most memorable bird species you may meet in New Zealand. This large olive green mountain parrot will greet you with a loud keee-aa before proceeding to make a nuisance of himself. Well known for his playful antics, the kea just loves to rip the

The New Zealand Fern

One of the most prominent features of our native bush is the proliferation and variety of native ferns in the undergrowth. There are about 190 species of native ferns found in New Zealand. The silver fern has become an emblem for our nation commonly seen on the clothing of teams representing our country such as

Alpine Flora

New Zealand has a rich alpine vegetation, with the range of species being greatest in the mountains of the South Island. Golden tussocks, spiky spaniards, rounded hebes and delicate alpine shrubs coexist in a fascinating environment. Accessing these environments can be as easy as driving through the Arthurs or Lindis Passes or as hard as

New Zealand Marine Nature

New Zealand’s marine ecosystems and species are highly diverse. About 8000 marine species have been found in New Zealand waters, including 964 species of fish, 2000 species of molluscs (snails, shellfish, and squid), 400 species of echinoderms (kina and starfish), and 900 species of seaweed. A fisheries quota management system (QMS) was put in place

New Zealand Weta

The weta is a large native invertebrate. It is probably the only spectacular “creepy crawly” New Zealand can call its own as we have no snakes or other nasties. These guys do deliver a painful bite but that is the worst of it. There are four species of weta. The bush weta grows to about

The New Zealand Kiwi

The New Zealand Kiwi is our national icon, a symbol of our uniqueness as a country and a name we all associate ourselves with. New Zealander’s have been known as “Kiwis” since the First World War when the nickname was given to us by Australian soldiers. The kiwi certainly is unique: it cannot fly, is

New Zealand Trees


Having been isolated for so long New Zealand has not only developed some unique bird species but also some very special trees. Here are some of our favourites New Zealand Trees. Pohutukawa This magnificent tree is also known as the New Zealand Christmas tree as its spectacular red flowers coat the tree around Christmas time.

New Zealand Flora and Fauna

kiwi New Zealand

For 500 million years New Zealand was isolated geographically from the rest of the world. As a result the country has its own unique and fascinating natural environment. The country lies along the collision zone of two tectonic plates, the Indo-Australian and the Pacific Plates. The effect is a long country of two main islands,