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Kayaking in New Zealand

New Zealand’s geography is such that conditions are ideal for white water kayaking. Steep mountains provide the slopes, and the mountains themselves generate plenty of rain. But its not all steep wilderness paddling. As the rivers leave the mountains their gradients mellow. There’s plenty of water for all skill levels, and the scenery is an

New Zealand : an Adventure Paradise

New Zealand

Most people know little about New Zealand, apart from us Kiwis down here… many believe that we are somehow connected to Australia – by a bridge even. But we are not. We have a unique country with our own identity, our own culture.

The land mass of New Zealand is the creation of tectonic pressures, forcing up the edge of the Pacific Plate, as the Indo-Australian Plate plunges down toward the Earth’s fiery depths. The land mass, long and narrow, is called Aotearoa (aye-o-tey-a-row-a], Land of the Long White Cloud by the early inhabitants – the Maori. When they arrived, they became the first mammals other than a native bat to set foot on these shores. Up until this time, a unique and special ecosystem had developed.